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 Kentucky Design and Print shop that has done a lot of posters for the Crystal Ballroom and is now doing some for Mike Thrasher.



SArchitecture in Helsinki Concert Poster 

Architecture in Helsinki

October 30





Brand New Concert Poster emo 

Brand New

Halloween Night

Salem Armory


Minus The Bear Concert Poster

Minus The Bear

November 8

Crystal Ballroom  


Dell The Funky Homosapien concert poster               

Del The Funky Homosapien

November 8  Roseland

 Tegan and sara concert poster

Tegan and Sara

December  4

Crystal Ballroom





November 25, 2007 I helped get the Tegan and Sara posted around town

In the window of the Crystal Ballroom

At the mega Burnside Everday Music

At Jackpot Records

I will hit the EM on sandy later this week.

Oct 29 2007, posting the Del the Funky Homosapien around town

At the Roseland Theater

At 360 Vinyl , Portland Hip Hop central

at the HUGE Everday Music on Sandy

At the main Everday Music on Burnside

On Oct 25, I helped them get some of their stuff up around town. Here are the Pics.

The poster window at the Crystal Ballroom/Ringlers, Oct. 25. Thanks Alex

At Everyday Music Downtown, Oct 25.  In their poster window


At Jackpot records Downtown