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    This page is a little demonstration of using Google's Picasa to create giant wall posters from small jpg files.


     This began when I downlaoded the Google pack to get the Google toolbars for my Firefox and Explorer browsers. The reason I wanted the Google toolbars is because, with the Google toolbars you can save your bookmarks in your Google account and never worry about losing your bookmarks again, Plus you can access your bookmarks from any computer, so you can have your bookmarks handy even when away from your laptop or home PC. I lost my bookmarks on firefox a couple of times when my computer froze up, so that was a problem for me.

      Anyway, as part of the Google pack they offer the Picasa photo editing program. Since it was free, I downloaded it and I finally got around to playing around with it a few weeks ago. One of the really great features, besides the screensavers, slideshows and avi movie features, is the create a poster feature.

             Okay, I started with a poster image I own. This poster was done by Chris Honeywell for the site last year.

                                                                  Concert Poster by Chris Honeywell for the Portland Poster Pole .com

        I have this poster in a large version I used for having it printed, but I reduced the size of the image for this demonstration. I reduced the size of the file to 212kb  to see if the Picasa poster feature would work for smaller files.

    Step 1 -  Open the image you want to use in Picasa         Picasa wallposter 1   


    Step 2 -   click CREATE, then > MAKE A POSTER    Google Picasa Poster experiment 2  screenshot  


    Step 3 - After you click Make A Poster, This will appear,      Google Picasa wall poster experimnet 3


    Step 4 - Change the paper to size to 8.5 x 11 (if you have a standard printer), Then decide how big of a poster you want, I chose 500%, because I wanted the wall poster to be 5 times the size of an 8.5 x 11,  or 3.5 feet x 4.5 feet. (8.5*(X%) by 11*(X%)/12inches to figure the size in feet). On the overlap files option, I decided to crop, so I did not click that box.

                                                               Google Picasa wall poster experiment

     Step 5   Click OKAY and Picasa will create the poster. Googel Poster Picasa experioment 5

see the tiles

                                              Google Poster Picasa experiment 6

      Step 6  Print the Tiles.       Google Poster Picasa experiment 7   Set the paper, then click, shrink to fit, then print the tiles.

     Step 7  Find a wall to place your poster on. I moved these posters for this demonstration. The 2nd pic includes a copy of the original size poster for size proportions.

  Queens of the Stone age and Flogging Molly posters  qotsa flooging molly concert posters


Step 8 -- Lay out the poster and crop, if you want to crop, I decided to crop, but you can also just skip that and put up the tiles with the border intact.

  Google picasa poster experiment  Google picasa poster experiment


  Google Picasa Poster experiment  Google Picasa Poster experiment

  There was some pixelation, but for jacking a 212 kb file to a 3.5 x 4.5 foot poster, it was acceptable, for me anyway.

   Google Poster picasa experiment  Google Picasa poster experiment 8

     Try this for yourself on any image file you want. Picasa is Free. It is included in the Google Pack. Picasa also lets you create your own screensavers and turn your pics into movies. It's a good little program to have. 



     Another similar program for making wall posters is Rasterbator, which basically turns image into dots to avoid the pixelation problem in enlarging smaller files. Here is a link if are interested.


       Free Concert Posters  as of April 3, 2008. See the details and more Free Posters here.




                   Ask any questions you have about the process. Cheers!